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Why The Lease Outlet?

For over 30 years The Lease Outlet has been assisting customers with their automotive needs. We pride ourselves on an honest, friendly, no hassle approach to leasing vehicles. From your initial leasing quotation request to delivery of your vehicle, our service is friendly, straightforward, and efficient.

How does all this work? I am used to just going to my local dealer.

We make your lease simple. When you contact us (from this website or by phone) we quickly focus on finding the exact vehicle you want — at the best possible price within your budget. Then, once you approve the lease, we will deliver your new car to your home or office.

Is there any fee to apply for a lease and submit a new car request?

There is no charge or obligation to apply for a new vehicle with The Lease Outlet.

What is a Value Lease?

The Value Lease gives you the most flexibility within the automobile leasing industry.

It allows you to:

  • Start with no money down on most vehicles on approved credit.
  • 12,000, 15,000, and 18,000 miles per year.
  • Completely assumable with approved credit.
  • Early purchase option.
  • Early vehicle turn in/return.
How can the Lease Outlet offer vehicles with such a low monthly payment?

Since The Lease Outlet works with consumers who are ready to lease, we are not subject to the allocations of any one dealer nor do we have an extensive advertising budget or flooring charges to inventory new cars. A majority of our business stems from the referrals of our satisfied customers.

Very Important Note: Those full page dealer ads in any major newspaper can cost upwards of $20,000. That can equal as much as $500 in advertising costs associated with the sale of each vehicle on the lot!

Do I have to drive to southern California to pick up my new vehicle?

The Lease Outlet will deliver your new vehicle to your home or office NATIONWIDE within 5 -10 days of final approval. All lease documentation is signed when delivery takes place.

I have had some problems with my credit in the past, will this prevent me from leasing a new car?

We are here to help. The Lease Outlet takes your whole financial picture into account. After 30 years, The Lease Outlet has established many banking relationships and will help obtain a lease to suit your needs.

If my car needs service, where do I take it?

Your new car warranty is included just as if you bought it from a new car dealer. Take your vehicle to the dealer nearest you.