Thanks again for assisting me with the acquisition of my new Lexus IS 350 AWD SPORT F-TYPE. It's absolutely sexy and just what I wanted. You've acted with patients, knowledge, professionalism, and integrity throughout the process. Thank you again.

Robert B.

Joe and Lori were very helpful in securing my S3 lease. I would highly recommend going through them, especially if you are in Colorado where affordable Audis are hard to come by.

Dan S.

Laurie and Joe made my life a hell of a lot easier...didn't need to deal with any vultures at the dealership and leased a luxury car within my budget. Thanks, for all of your help! Hey Joe you know what I want for my next don't FORGET!

Rosie R.

I just leased a 2016 BMW 528 i from the lease outlet. I would recommend this company to friends and family. Thanks to Joe Lopez and Eric for your help. No hassles.

Brenda B.

Wayne and Joe really hooked me up. I saved over $10,000 and customized my car the way I wanted rather than going directly to a car dealer trying to bust me on what they had on the lot and wanting a high down payment. Will be doing business in the coming years with you guys!

Moe A.

Fantastic shopping experience, start to finish. They found the exact car I wanted, arranged the price, and delivery, and I had the car delivered right to me. This is a very good service.

M M.

Joe and the team have been awesome to work with. He was able to help me find the car I wanted and cheaper than I would have paid at a dealership. He made the process very easy and painless. I highly recommend Joe and will recommend him to my friends and family that might be looking to lease.

Greg L.

Joe Lopez was easy to work with. I leased a car far cheaper than from my local dealer. The car was delivered direct to my home, no hassle with the dealership. I will be using again and have recommended to my family and friends.

Robert A.

My husband and I have leased before, but never through a broker. I was not disappointed working with Joe. He and Stacy were very professional, responsive, and friendly. I was super skeptical at first because it seemed so painless of a process and the terms were as fair as I could hope for. I was convinced after doing online research and calling the Walter's (CA) Mercedes Benz Dealership to confirm the The Lease Outlet's legitimacy. We found The Lease Outlet through internet searches and immediately understood the value they offered. I hate going into dealerships. They nickel and dime you and haggle until they are blue in the face, up-selling every chance they get. The Lease Outlet simply serves a wonderful part in the car business to move product for the dealers. They (TLO) have no overhead attached to inventory, human capital, nor marketing, so they can pass those savings on to the consumer. They will be the only place we call from this point forward to find our leased vehicles. And to provide a $1,000 incentive credit to do a subsequent lease through them is great.

Carly D.

Just leased a BMW 328I though the lease outlet. I worked with Joe and it could not have been any easier. They take care of everything and made it easy. The $1000 credit working with them on a new lease is also a huge benefit!!

Keith F.

These guys were true professional. He found the car my wife wanted in two days and had it delivered to my address three days later. Joe and his team did what they said and I paid exactly what he quoted me. I saved about $100 per month on my car payment dealing with these guys. I recommend them highly.

Stephon E.

I can't thank Stacy and Joe enough for helping me locate the 435i bmw I wanted. Not only was it a great price with all options, the made the process so simple and were able to expedite my order. I would highly recommend the Lease Outlet and Stacy you did great. Thank you.

Ken C.

Have purchased two cars (Lexus & Jeep) from Joe, and both times was super pleased with the experience. Bottom line- they make the car buying process easier, and cheaper, than if I was trying to do it on my own. I can't imagine doing it any other way!

Robyn S.

Great experience with the Lease Outlet! I was skeptical at first and cautious but all went well. Even his money factor beat out the dealership! The car and paperwork were delivered to my front door, now that is service!

Len O.

Getting a new car was never this easy! I'm recommending The Lease to all! The entire process took only 8 days and my new Lexus was in my driveway. I never had to leave my house, or enter a dealership, it truly was a "stress free" experience. Best of all, they had the best prices going than any local dealer. It is extremely difficult to find, great Service, in a timely fashion with great pricing, however The Lease has figured it out! Thank you to your entire team..

Will P.

The Lease Outlet found the car I wanted for over $150 less per month and with $1,000 less down than the dealer quoted me. The service was efficient and friendly. They give you a $1,000 credit on your next lease, so if all goes as expected during the run of my lease I plan on using them again.

Karen W.

I recently leased a 2015 Lexus GS from Lease Outlet. The rate I was able to receive was over $100/month less that I could get with hard negotiating with my local dealer. Lease Outlet always returned my calls and get me informed of the process and obtaining the car with the options and color I wanted. I look forward to its delivery in the next couple of day.s

Rob F.

Grate place fast service no hassles Joe was a grate guy to work with will call him when my lease is up to upgrade ... The lease outlet is buy far the best way to go I got what I asked for thanks so much joe ..will recommend to others .!!!!

Cliff R.

The process of leasing from The Lease Outlet is fast and efficient. Joe Lopez got me the exact vehicle I wanted at a monthly price over $200 a month cheaper than the best price i could get in Florida. Delivery was to my house with everything I would have gotten from a local dealer including the vehicle orientation. The follow-up has been wonderful as well.

George B.

Fast, efficient and knowledgeable. Buying a car is not one of my favorite things, but everyone at The Lease Outlet made the process as fast and easy as possible. In the future I will ONLY buy cars from The Lease Outlet! Thanks so much All!

Kelly C.

Joe, as you know, I have a business in St. Louis - I have leased a lot of cars in the past from other leasing companies - I am so glad to have found The Lease Outlet - I work 12 hours per day and don't have the time for the traditional car buying experience - You made this so easy... you did all the work for me - The price was competitive... the service was professional and responsive - I found a new partner for my car leasing - Thanks for everything Joe.

Steve L.

A few months ago I decided to lease an Audi A5 cabriolet. As late summer was rapidly approaching, there were only few models remaining at the local Audi dealerships and prices were high. The specifications that I was looking for were nowhere to be found. After an online search I contacted Joseph Lopez at the Lease Outlet. He and his staff were very easy to deal with, providing transparent pricing and rapid responses to my questions and requests. Within a few days, Joe had located a car with my desired specifications. As I was out of the country at that time, he personally took on storage and delivery of the vehicle to meet my needs. Joe Lopez and his team at the lease outlet are a pleasure to work with - I recommend them enthusiastically and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Petra W.

I have been thoroughly pleased with my experience. I felt completely at ease as Cory W. explained in detail what to expect during the process, responded to all my questions, and was very prompt with feedback/returning phone calls in addition to his patient, amiable demeanor. When the process was initiated and the vehicle of my choice was identified, I promptly received appropriate paperwork the manager who was extremely cordial and helpful in acquiring the best options for me and words cannot express my gratitude for his service. He is such a personable individual, and is very considerate. Even when there were glitches with the process in terms of the car availability, the communication was stellar. I cannot thank you guys enough. I would recommend this outlet to any family members or friends I have that are interested in leasing in a heartbeat!

Katie B.

A brief review to record my recent experience with this company. I had leased several cars previously, always through the car dealership. This was my first use of this company and it was absolutely trouble-free. Over the course of several months of deliberation about a new car, I received a lot of useful information, was educated on a number of items and pleasantly assisted with any questions I had. Following the placing of my order, the car was shipped from overseas and when it arrived it had been damaged in transit. The Lease Outlet took care of all details, a new car was ordered immediately and this time arrived in pristine condition. The car was delivered to me quickly, by people very knowledgeable about the car and its many features. This was by far the most pleasant experience I have had in obtaining a car, whether by lease or by buying. I will certainly use this company again and will advise my friends to do the same.

Christopher N.

Found The Lease Outlet on top of search when looking up Audi Lease. Wow! It was like night and day compared to my dealership experience. Sales staff was very professional and up front with their services. They found the exact car I wanted and had it delivered to me without stepping a foot into a dealership within a few days after approval. Besides their competitive pricing, they have great incentives and services that will continue to keep me leasing from them in the future. I highly recommend them and will use my incentive credit for my wife when her pregnancy is finished. Thanks again for the hassle-free service and am loving my new lease!

John N.

I found the Lease Outlet doing some searching for an alternative way to lease my next car. I had an existing Audi A4 on lease and the term was coming up. I went to my local dealer where I had leased the car originally and got the usual run-around. Hand hovering over a contract, I decided to rethink the process and left. I'm an internet guy and it drives me crazy that buying or leasing a car is the one place that hasn't seemed to move ahead in 30 years... Anyway, I contacted Anthony at the Lease outlet and we went the the process of specifying the car I was looking for and sorting out the deal. I had emails in to 3 local Audi dealers, none of whom bothered to get in touch with me for over a week, and in the meantime Anthony and I had figured out the deal - which included much better lease terms than I had ever seen at the dealer - longer term (49 months) 12K mileage and a mile-overage charge about 60% what the dealers were quoting. And we did it almost entirely by email, including communications at night and on the weekend. There were some hiccups along the way - primarily in nailing down the dealer who had the car and was ready to ship it, so the process from start to finish took more like 3 weeks, but I wasn't pressing as my current lease was still in force. In the end the car arrived on a truck, the paperwork got fedexed, and everything is on the up and up. I appreciated the Lease Outlet's willingness to communicate by email - my preferred mode of communication - and the fact that they didn't hide behind any layers of salespeople and finance officers and all that crap. I would easily work with them again and am glad to report that I spent absolutely zero hours sitting in a car dealership waiting while sales people wasted my time with amateur negotiating tactics.

Kevin S.

I had the pleasure of working with The Lease Outlet. Anthony was so helpful and was outstanding in every way possible. I was very stressed moving from New York to LA, and was trying to find the right car for me at the right price. Not only was Anthony Helpful and understanding, he found the Perfect car for me at the perfect price. The Lease Outlet went Above and beyond my needs and stuck with me through all the problems I had, being from another country being one of the problems, but Anthony made the whole ordeal stress free. I HIGHLY advise any one looking to lease a car to use The lease outlet. I couldn't be happier with my car.

Natalie H.

I just got my new BMW through the Lease Outlet. Anthony Lopez was great. He found me the exact car I wanted, and was responsive to my various inquiries throughout the process. My experience with The Lease Outlet has been nothing but good! I'd recommend this company to anyone looking to lease a car.

Sarah K.